In order to have control of the region, Rome under Pope Urban II, called for Europe to save the church and gain the holy land covering North Africa, Palestine and Sicily from Islam. This first crusade was driven by the need to protect the church, take over cities of economic interest more so Spain and religious sites like Jerusalem from Islam.

This war was also driven by the need for more land as young European males tried to fend for themselves and the growing need for common ownership to die[1]. The crusades were also a result of the reformist era, in which Catholic popes sought to have an influence and authority over bishoprics in the Latin west. These same religious leaders defended the crusades as necessary in the promotion of “peace of God” between the feudal lords in Europe[2]. It is this medieval unity of the state and church against Islam that has created modern intertwining of missions in theory and practice[3]. This early Christian crusades confused evangelical work with violent conquests and the slaughter of people, which further drove the Islamic range.

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