Sample Essay

Each department  should report directly to the Management and influence it by providing their independent inputs  to meet the long term Organizations goal and based on the inputs and external environment and influence positive or negative, the management will control each other daily and monthly targets without effecting the long term goals.

The targets of leadership are that resources should be optimized to meet the needs of planning and control. At this level the activities and resources should be organized that bring about the optimizing of the routine and specific operations of the individual divisions. QP has an advantage of leading all aspects of oil and gas activities in Qatar from the time of its existence, including exploration and production of energy resources, The Head of QP always has a key position in the ruling government also, these factors create an autonomous situation for the company in the region, in the current scenario, the strategic planning division of the company has to provide proactive and competent leadership in running the operations, global management policies and flexible and diverse systems are required to meet the upcoming challenges.

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