Sample Essay

Hong Kong is said to be one of the most developing regions ofAsia. It has made its significant place while enhancing on certain industries which have mutually enabled Hong Kong to expand its operation in various industries.

One of the major important industries inHong Kongis construction industry which plays as the vital pillar of economic and trade development in the entire region because of its variations and advancements overtime in the recent years. The construction industry ofHong Konghas helped this region to develop economically with amazing rates and ratios. These figures are eventually increasing with the rapid growth in the performance, design, aesthetics and functionalities adapted by the construction companies of Hong Kong which can be compared with the most sophisticated and advanced cities of the world having amazing landscapers of buildings and structures (Building and Construction).

                (Chiang, Tang, Leung; 2001, p681) Over the years, the construction companies present inHong Konghave developed remarkable and noteworthy progress with respect to construction and it has been welcome from all the industries of the region, such as, hotels, multinational companies’ offices, multiple stories apartments, hostels, hospitals, and others. There are so many companies which have encouraged the construction development ofHong Kongovertime and have availed the services of the construction companies such as, contracting, project management, real estate, broader building and engineering consulting for their constructive buildings.

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