Sample Essay

Construction industry plays the role of being the industry where it provides shelter, job vacancies, industrial development, production and services to the people and open ways for investors to put their money and invest for financial stability and development. Construction companies are also engaged in mechanical, electrical and carpeting tasks besides the main construction business known to others (Lange, Daniel Quinn Mills; 1979, p24).

The construction industry has changed since the last decade to many extends and has developed over time and grabbed everyone’s attention and interest. It has increased not only the size but also has become a bit complex for the other parties because the design structures of normal construction designs has experienced new innovations and developments with the passage of time. The construction industry has a global reputation factor within itself which also possess the versatility and dynamic nature for the quality of the work it provides to the people, but apart from all the glorious dimensions, it remains one of the most dangerous fields in the world because f the high risks and dangers involved with it (Ashworth, 2006, p41).

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