Sample Essay

1.The Halo Effect

One of the dilemmas facing consumer’s decision about whether to purchase products offered by the brand is typically classified as ‘The Halo Effect’, following from a concept that customers may change their initial evaluations / perceptions about a product at a later level that might result in reduced sales.

2.The Litter Effect

This chapter highlighted the importance of maintaining a positive image for a brand, corporate or individual product. Brand images create a representation for each brand in the mind of the customer that has a positive or a negative impact. This image plays a very important role in affecting any purchase activity made by the customer in that product or segment class.

Brand image is based on input from two factors, types of associations of the brand and the personification of the brand.

This image strengthens the overall performance of the brand, both in terms of tangible as well as intangible value and helps in developing a long term customer-brand relationship that allows a company to provide value added services to its long time customers while encouraging customers to pay premium price for the same brand. This is the concept delivered by brand equity.

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