Sample Essay

The construction industry inHong Konghas adapted rapid growth and changes in order to come up to the level set by its clients with the boost in demand. For this purpose, the whole construction industry of Hong Konghas gone through prefabrication techniques process so that it could meet the demands of its customers and client companies because prefabrication lowers the time and creates reliance for the on-site labor The changes which have been indorsed by the construction industry are many, but some of them can be seen most importantly as, the improved infrastructure of designing capabilities, enhances quality control, reduced costs for cost-effective projects, appreciable  productivity, introduction of less complicated compartmentalization, standardization and modularization (Rowlinson, Walker; 1995, p69).

            (Kazi, 2004, p24) InHong Kong, the foreign international construction companies are treated with equal rights which the domestic and local companies perceive with respect to business involvement; this has led severe construction challenge and competition for the available work. However, the government ofHong Kongcan play a more active role in promoting and developing the overall performance of the construction industry because till now, it has been one of the major clients of the construction works. Not only is this, but the construction industry ofHong Kongcontinuously pushing back the limitations and boundaries of innovation, productivity and aspiration (Building and Construction).

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