Sample Essay

(Kazi, 2004, p24) The construction industry in Hong Kong is mostly labor oriented, but even then it lacks in adopting certain safety precautions which should be followed by the construction companies of the region.

The construction industry ofHong Kongis in great need to be more civilized, classified, modernized and rationalized, and it is going through many huge changes for accomplishing this purpose. But one of the biggest problems the region is facing is related to the safety culture adoption by the construction companies inHong Kong.

            (Mak, 2000) The construction industry pays back with huge amount of revenue and internationally recognized reputation which is good for Hong Kong, but this region is in need to adopt the proper safety culture so that the working environment for the employees and workers could become more safe and secure. The implementation of safety culture of the construction industry inHong Kongis also essential because of being mobilized and versatile in nature.

            ( With admirable reputation around the globe,Hong Kongis known to have a poor safety culture adoption for its workers in the construction industry. The implantation of safety culture in the construction industry is of great importance because reduces the risk of accidents, sickness, and deaths because it spreads awareness and know-how of how to throw out personally from such disastrous events and happenings. Adoption of safety culture in the working environment helps developing motivation factor in the employees while the company also gains the trust of its workers. This can be carried out with the help of people including professionals, universities, governmental departments, employers, construction contractors, employees and academics.

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