Sample Essay

(Parker) Parents and governments are concerned about the problems such as; out of control driving, increase in car accidents, over-speeding, lack of interest in education, increase in drug, involving in fights, skipping classes because of hangovers, and others. These problems are not there because of the drinking problem.

These problems are there because of the prohibition of drinking which is applied to the young college youth. When they are not allowed to drink liquor, they do it through the other way that is, either being off campus or being underground and doing it secretly away from the family. This leads to irresponsible behavior and leads them to disaster and put their health on stake. If they are allowed to drink at the age of 18 years, they would be doing it openly with precautions required to follow. There should be some rules that must be implemented with the permission to drink. These rules include especially designed driving programs, use of safe seat belts and air bags while driving, educating them after drinking, lowered speed limits, and there could be many more if the young generation is allowed to drink in the United States.

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