Sample Essay

Synergy is the main element that ensures uniform and positive communication and eventually the same purchase behavior in the same target market overall. Pret has a logo colour that depicts nature and harmony for the kind of food they sell. Overall, there has been brand conviction for the ultimate consumers who would not prefer a brand over theirs, however, Subway is a direct competitor and could be considered a threat as well for almost the same positioning regarding natural food.

An environmentalist approach is being employed as sandwiches are sold in paper bags rather than sealed plastic and whatever that is left is given to charities at the end of the day emphasizing that anything kept overnight is no longer fresh.

Pret is does not have any franchises which hinder their expansion globally, in doing so, they can have more market share and market development and a stance at dealing with competitors more effectively. Different market segments could be catered to, for example, Subway Sandwiches already has targeted the niche by introducing ‘Halal Food’ (Muslim market), such market should be tapped upon so that the opportunity isn’t missed and Pret is not rendered a market follower, therefore, the challenger strategy should be harvested (BCG Matrix). Various pricing strategies could be employed in the wake of the above discussion.

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