Sample Essay

Fast food and coordinated catering is not anything new toHong Kong. The most comparable competitor is Café de Coral Group, which boasts exceptional food packages at super reduced price (Bressler & Bressler 2006: 56-60.). Even though the food list of Fairwood Fast Food restaurant is spectacular, it is not tough to observe and contrast that the food list conceive of Fairwood Fast Food restaurant and Café de Coral are calm alike no issue either on methods, or recipes.

Further more, Fairwood Fast Food often commences the comparable new goods or meal lists after Café de Coral. Therefore, Fairwood Fast Food habitually presents the customers the images that it is a copycat, habitually exact replicate the food recipe either from café de carol. American fast food reached in 1975 with McDonald. While this was the first systematized burger string of connections, this pattern of food was well renowned through western outlets and furthermore the British fish & portion shops. Since the late 1970s, the number of fast-food and coordinated string of connections outlets inHong Konghas multiplied.

The pricing strategy of the company is one of the most critical decision owner has to make. Food business is very sensitive that too much high price knocks you out of the market and too low price generates suspicion about quality, in fast food sector competitive pricing strategy is most effective as the differentiation in the products is low.  Also, the profitability of the company is a vital concern for business growth; cost leadership strategy can increase the gain of company in a price sensitive market. Fairwood Fast Food also follows the competitive pricing, in line with its closest competitors.

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