Sample Essay

This research paper focused on the discussion about the two brands from an industry that requires branding. A new version of the aviation industry, the low cost sector, has fueled large growth in this relatively slowed down sector, and is making its presence felt.

Virgin Blue has been a renowned name in LCC airliners, operating across cities in Australia, working under the Virgin Group. Although much older than its successors and competitors Virgin Blue’s growth has been slow and has faced negative publicity in wake of some decisions not famous with the customers. Virgin Blue survived the aviation industry crisis, only due to strong brand equity of the Virgin Group.

Jetstar, previously Impulse Airways, is a relatively new airline acquired by Qantas, in competition with Virgin Blue, when the Australian aviation market failed due to the sudden collapse of Compass and Anssett (Thomas, 2007). It has been growing relatively well, due to comparatively lower prices offered than Virgin Blue. The growth has been marked by attractive offers, as well as building on the already developed equity of Qantas, adding new routes to its current offerings, as well being the first airline to allow the passengers to choose their seats while booking.

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