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With respect to inflation, these four countries would be ranked as follows (from lowest to highest):

  1. Japan
  2. Euro Area
  3. Canada
  4. United States
Comparatively, in 2005, commodity prices were on an increase in the United States, increasing at a low pace in Canada, declining in Japan and slow in the Euro Area.

Unemployment in US remained at 5.95% in the third quarter of 2008, with Canada 6.10%, Japan 4.05% and the Euro Area 7.50%.  United States recorded a high change in unemployment, followed by the Euro Area, Japan and Canada.

At present, the economies of Canada and the Euro Area, although slowed down, are affected less as compared to other nations in the world economy. The world growth has slowed down to 3½ per cent in 2008 and is expected to slow down even more in 2009. Central financial and banking institutions in the United States are injecting large sums of capital to revive the economy, especially the automotive industry, as well as encouraging external investors by offering new securities, and newer insurance terms providing unlimited coverage on their investments, to encourage the flow of capital in the economy.

Canada and Euro Area are still holding the barriers due to relatively stable policy structure and its governance, including relatively less reliance on external borrowings.

For Japan, its major strength is in its cost per labor and production capabilities and methods however, to effectively handle the pressure and play low to the current economic crisis, it would have to concentrate efforts towards exporting to other developed economies as well.

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