Sample Essay

The prime purpose of this assignment has been to identify, analyze, interpret and critically suggest the approaches to research, different in both the selected papers. Although the objectives of the two papers focus on a single premise, to understand tipping, they vary largely in the areas used to address working around this phenomenon.

A point to consider here is the selection of the two papers from the same author. This has helped in the context of providing a similar approach to the overall research problem at hand, as well as the approach of the research in execution of the overall process. On the other hand, the two projects differ largely based on their primary and secondary premises aimed to understand factors / variables surrounding the tipping phenomenon.

Research methodology employed for both studies has largely been qualitative; however, a large amount of effort has been inducted  (Trochim, 2006) into gathering information from previous researches.

A major difference between the two projects, however, was the method in which research and data collection was actually carried out. In the first project, the research objectives and questions were narrowed using literature reviews, while in second, similar information gathering was done through experimental research, building on preliminary literature reviews at the initial stage.

Secondly, while the first research project is highly deductive, another relies on an experimental model to be used to determine results. In the project for determining the understanding of tipping as a behavior etc, less time was dedicated overall. In the second project, however, extensive research was conducted, to design a mathematical utility model aimed at identifying the relationship between service quality and the incentive being offered as a gift in addition to the services rendered.

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