Sample Essay

No doubts its not the brain size that counts. Many genius around the world were small men having small brain size. Famous French writer Anatole France had the brain size of just 2.24 pounds where as there had been dumber men having a brain size crossing the size of almost 4 pounds. If the brain size theory could be given some weight all these people would have shown far better intelligence than the French writer just mentioned.

The fact that there is the presence of more men in science and technology than women is also used against women being smart. It’s been considered that only bright people enter scientific research and studies and less presence of women is signifies as a lack in their capabilities. One very important consideration to be made is that women are more temperamental and they make more emotional decisions. Their decisions demonstrate their feminine nature not their dumbness.

A major aspect of this gender that has to be taken into the notice is that no woman has ever been a dictator, any where in the world. Females due to their nature take less initiative to go in search of dubious success. If women take lesser interest in the fields where what is required is ruthless dominations one could easily observe the lack in the number of women present but no one question it. A woman is smart enough to despise such occupations and disciplines where her loving and caring nature is exploited and she has to run after selfish motives and mundane fame. It’s not that such actions extinct in women behaviors but rather they are extremely less where as they are too common in men.

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