Sample Essay

Our long-term commitment to survival, growth, and profitability will enable the company to be recognized as a leader in contract negotiation, booking, and management for professional singers and professional athletes. The company believes extensive planning and promoting can enhance the careers of professional singers and   professional athletes.

As a for-profit business, CornBread Management, LLC, places itself in the personal service industry under the NAICS (North American Industry Classification) code of 812, Personal Services.   This sector is comprised of establishments that provide personal services to businesses, households, and individuals.

The philosophy of CornBread Management, LLC, is to be a good steward in the community where we conduct business. CornBread Management, LLC, services can help our target market maintain a healthy and diverse environment through community wide sponsored initiatives. Collaboration between local government, residents, and business organizations is necessary to create successful social leisure activities in the State of Washington.

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