Sample Essay

The new products are served and sold in the store as a way to sample and ultimately to the purchase of a new line. New elements of training should be based on the existing stores, but the skills needed to create a coffee machine and cut a piece of cake is minimal and probably not cost much time or money. The new products should also be available in gift baskets at the store and online. Gift baskets online and the distribution needs are determined by the placement of small catalogs, electronic mail with the new web address in the bag with every purchase. The new store is designed to be more dependent on plant products for increasing purchases of franchise stores in the factory. This, coupled with new distribution channels is a significant increase in market share of the business and turnover.

        Finally, a new corporate website will be introduced to new products that are not available in all stores and increase the value of sales. Given the fact that the company already has a design, a row, and maintenance was already on the payroll of their franchises, the costs are minimal, I would estimate the cost at least $ 20,000. There would also a link available to a franchise holder on this web- page, franchisees can learn about new product offerings and their prices and quantities available. Franchisees will also be able to work closely with the Corporate Office in the annual conferences, in order to view the situation and the new techniques of marketing and merchandising. Gift Search by price category and a personal gift reminders section would provide a record of the past orders, and a place to collect and store recipes. This obligation would remain in the range of six figures, about $ 600,000, but is offset by increased income through new store design and new product offerings to common and corporate customers.

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