Sample Essay

Communication of information is a resource of high availability to the organization. It is however the meaningfulness and the relevance of this information that is of question here. Instead of reducing the importance of information, we can ensure different means of managing information, making it more relevant, through the use of various data mining (Naxon, 2006) techniques available in various solutions today.

Once an information management structure of the organization is in place, we must have large repositories of information to identify patterns or cycles which the business follows. At this very point, the amount of information becomes a point of major concern. We can ensure that information is relevant through infrastructure controls, and then we would be requiring large amounts of information for data mining to determine patterns of business activity, to assist in strategic decision making, using the organization’s decision making models while also receiving future directions based on the prediction models (Clementine, 2007) produced by the system itself. This is a highly valuable tool for planning the objectives of business. However, to run this engine of strategic visioning, lots and lots of information is the fuel. Information can hence be of high use as an economic resource and information into the organization can serve as a valuable input in future decision making.

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