Sample Essay

New age communication media has made the general public more informed, aware and opinionated. But this media has a larger role to play, keeping integrity as a cornerstone of its operations.

In some parts, these opinions can be safely shaped, but in my general opinion, as the media goes on and on about rights of freedom of speech, information communication should be governed with integrity, serving all, not a specific group of people. Communication media operates in two environments, public and private, specific to the nature of recipients and content of the information communicated. Over the past decade, the information media has failed in its role of acting with integrity, as well as its failure to inform the general public during warfare for a variety of reasons. There have been inconsistencies with the sources of information, negligence, failed regulatory controls and others that need to be addressed to create media that operates with its actual role that it has to play in due accordance with its responsibility to the general public.

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