Sample Essay

  • It is hugely known why ITIL is important and the reasons for doing it, so communication or a business case is not required.
  • An initial assessment of the processes is not required. We do not need a starting point.
  • Existing resources can be utilized or acquired on-need basis. Specific stratagems are not required.
  • Communication wastes time, hence it is not desired. Only high priority issues require to be escalated. On the contrary, communication is the key to ITIL success (Marquis).
  • Process integration is less important, all teams are responsible for their own tasks. We don’t need an integration strategy.
  • Acquisition of tools is of prime importance. Processes can be built up on them at a later stage.
  • Growth is manageable at all stages, so we can handle scope creeps effectively.
  • Resistance is not expected in the implementation of ITIL, the process implementation can be easily controlled.
  • An ITIL implementation often results in the designated resources trying to do too much, too soon and across too many areas (Datamation), in hopes of turning the organization around.
  • Implementation process often involves getting down into the details of the re-engineering process and procedures, at a very early stage.
  • Projects for ITIL implementations can often have a misplaced focus to the ‘technical’ rather than to the people and the processes used to implement it.
  • ‘ITIL is the Answer’ Failure, people often tend to rely more on the ITIL name and less on improving internal efficiency and service levels (Wright).

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