Sample Essay

There has appeared a concept as being pure black or the general identity that has made the general identity a bit more edgy. For example, Republican Senate candidate, Alan Keyes has claimed that since he is the real descendant of slaves in America, he happens to be the pure black breed as opposed to his Democratic opponent, Barack Obama, whose father was an African but mother was still a white. Similarly, much of progress was witnessed soon after slavery was abolished though it took decades to become acceptable.

Whorter ends saying, ‘Black isn’t perfect but no term is’ to mark the description of the African American community and the purpose of writing this article was to focus on the migratory patterns of their ancestors and still having an identity of their own in America and being recognized as Americans at a general level. Many a times, blacks have become scapegoats of crimes they did not commit and it is for the self image of these individuals that be known as the combination of national pride.

The symbolic integrationist paradigm is much evident here with regards to the black groups within the society that interact with the rest based on cultural heritage, societal norms, and different dialects.

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