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‘When a product is delivered in a string of bits, rather than presenting itself in a physical form, it appears to have less value.’ (McCourt Tom ‘Collecting Music in the Digital Realm’  )

This according to the author is why people who would not steal a CD feel that it is complete CD to illegally download and listen to music, even though the eventual impact maybe the same. However at the same time greater customization and the massive access in terms of the range of music that the listener can choose and pick their involvement with the music increases as we discussed and this in term increases the sense of identification or as the author explains their ownership with the music.

Also an interesting point that the article discusses one which is very true and relevant to the context of today’s economy and consumers is the change in perception of music from a ‘cultural good’ to a ‘cultural service’. The basic crux behind this statement is that music has evolved with every other industry in the market in the sense that the digital format allows it to be more interconnected and flexible and also much more sensitive to the needs of the listener. Music is more of a service now because generally within the context of the digital format music is licensed to users rather then sold and there is more on more focus on sharing and interconnectedness in terms of networks and servers rather than the suppliers and consumers of the past.

The article provides an interesting description of the impact that the digital music format has had on what music now means to people. The points the author raises to support his viewpoint are logical and accurate, music indeed has become more customizable and flexible to listeners. Also the reasons he attributes to the illegal use and listen of music also make sense, the lack of tactile context reduces the emotional connection with the music.

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