Sample Essay

Security issues have severely affected nations in the frontline on the war on terror. Although, it is positive that the amount previously spent on defense is now actively dedicated to handling internal as well as external security, with significant contributions towards measures to control terrorism, however this appears more towards infringing on the basic rights of the citizens, and has resulted in somewhat a decreased reputation across the globe.

It is often said that what are you be afraid of if you have nothing to hide. However, most civil liberties organizations contend that it is the right of basic privacy and confidentiality of every citizen to protect their individualism, their freedom of speech and their basic civil rights. Convincing evidence has been a case receiving wide publicity in newspapers of a Muslim man detained by the police under Section 44, forced to prostrate with handcuffs and asked ‘Where is your God now?’ and allegedly receiving over forty injuries including a black eye and severe bruising.(2004)

“A suspect community has been constructed against a backdrop of anti-Irish racism. The community has suffered widespread violation of their human rights and civil liberties. As a consequence, the United Kingdom’s reputation throughout the world in upholding human rights and civil liberties has been constantly compromised.”(Hillyard, 1993)

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