Sample Essay

The research has also indicated that celebrity endorsement and the appeal of the celebrity greatly attracts the customers. Marks & Spencer has been using celebrity based Christmas and holiday season advertisements to promote its specialized holiday line of products and services and increase sales during the Christmas period for a long time now. The celebrity endorsement not only increases awareness of the products and services available but also provides brand imaging for the retailer by association which is what Marks & Spencer goes for. The strategy has aided the company in acquiring a large share of the retail market in the past years and also depicting high level of sales turnover in the Christmas period.

Both retailer including Marks & Spencers and House of Fraser invested in high profile media based marketing strategies that focused on mass marketing to the consumers though TV based advertisements. The 30-40 second commercials remain a favourite of the retailers for advertising their collections, products and services for the holiday season. Moreover the consumers are also more attracted with the motion based television ads that tend to provide incentive to the customers to visit the retail stores with the chance of attaining additional benefits in the form of Christmas gifts and offers by the retailers during the holiday season.

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