Sample Essay

However,Chinais facing a hard situation in regard of the Tibet Independence issue while preparing for the Green Olympics.Tibet is a part ofChinasince the ancient times but now the people of Tibetare urging to separate Tibet from China as an independent state due to some political issues.

China faced regular protests in favor of Tibet Independence, but now, to keep a clear pace of the country in front of the world, Chinese government is talking extra measures to diminish the protests with the help of its force (Xinhua, 2008).

Maureen (2008) explains thatChinais about to face millions of tourists and making arrangements accordingly. The main effort is to ensure better food supply, accommodation and communication facilities while keeping the environment pollution free and keeping a sustain hospitality level for the visitors. Protective measures such as security, alarm and alert systems, pollution-free transportations, men force and volunteers are engaged to handle the operations. Usage of items and then proper disposal of the waste has given priority to protect the natural resources and make the environment clean by utilizing eco-friendly and recycling. Regulations and policies are made to carry all the things accurately (China Daily, 2007).

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