Sample Essay

A better served and sustainable hospitalized country with good reputation is always worth visiting. Any country with quality recreational, transport, edible, accommodation, remuneration facilities and fine hospitality services not only gains positive feedback from the tourists but also catches the glance for international occasions and radiant events.Patrick (2005) gives example of such an event internationally known and liked is Green Olympics which is held in different main cities of the world and certainly one of the biggest shows on earth. Nigel, Annette, Roger (2004) explains that this year, the opportunity to hold Green Olympic Games 2008 has been rewarded to China’s main city Beijing.Chinais such a country which is fully aware of the ethics of sustainable hospitality and proved its standing and dignity with its elite culture, glorious history, art, intelligence, simplicity, and of course, hospitality around the globe.Chinavoted itself for the Olympics games and succeeded in getting rights to hold the Green Olympics 2008.

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