Sample Essay

(long, 2008) To flourish and develop more with flying colors, the government provided independence and freedom to business communities so that they could work without any fear and could survive among other competitors in the global marketplace.

The government also facilitated companies and business communities with authority to make their own decisions and do beneficial work as much as possible. This paved way for the companies to move ahead and prove their existence over other enterprises while giving them competitive edge and giving good reputation to their homeland. Several local and multinational companies set up their operations in the services and manufacturing sector and made huge amount of revenue generation on annual basis with authority.

The government ofChinaadopted the China Reforms in 1970s with slow but steady pace which opened the gates of investment in the homeland for the foreign investors. This has also helped the Chinese government in the economic development of the country. The sectors beyond the control of the state government ofChinadeveloped and improved at an enormous growth rate all because of the China Reforms of 1970s. However, not everyone living inChinaenjoys the bounties of the increased income and revenue growth because the income distribution and working conditions are not equal for everyone. If one person earns huge amount of income, some other person might not earn very much but could earn a very low level of income monthly

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