Sample Essay

The author has tried to highlight the fact that abnormal circumstances always leave families to suffer greatly because people tend to subject their lives to one or more unpleasant experiences. Children raised in such environment have tendencies to hate pleasure and prefer to stay with a hopeless attitude towards life.

Her name was really Joy but as soon as she was twenty-one and away from home, she had had it legally changed (Flannery O’Connor 3).

The girl had so much hatred for herself that she changed her name, a name that was suppose to sound pleasant she selected something that when called and touched her ear drums, filled her heart with hatred and agitated her mood. Though she had an illusion of justifying the name to herself, she attached a feeling of hope with it but naturally she was deceiving herself and every time she heard it she got hurt.

Mrs. Hopewell said that people who looked on the bright side of things would be beautiful even if they were not. (4)

Little had she, the mother, tried to influence her daughter with her believes, when she was sent to university and given an opportunity to interact with the world that should have been given a friendly, trust worthy environment where she could start to love others. Every one faces their share of pain and guilt but that’s the way life, move on, one has to build his character in a manner that it can sustain failures and adverse moments.

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