Sample Essay

In Araby we have noticed the constant uneasiness, movement and change in the emotional and physical condition of the hero. His behavior narrated that he has missed something and his life was incomplete. It is the boy’s quest to find ideal which had given him self awareness and a step in manhood. The symbolic images made him sensitive to the decay of city life and romance.

There was an element of religious stagnation which had narrowed the horizon and made him innocent and ignorant. He was alone lost in the imaginations and unable to comprehend the practical aspects of life. The care, love and support from his uncle and aunt were not enough for him. The boy didn’t develop a good taste in his studies Knowledge and wisdom could have easily filled the gaps in his personality He certainly didn’t get enough chance and guidelines to digress his energies towards studies in school. Indeed he was more interested in the directionless street activities and happenings in his uncle’s place.

The hero was a highly sensitive and emotional person who used to watch Mangan’s sister from far and later started liking her passionately. The loved he looked for in his relationship with the girl had something beyond sexual desires. He emerged as a confused soul who had amalgamated the imagery of love and religious adorations.

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