Sample Essay

The investigation was done by National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) which found that there had been many causes that led to this incident. The signs of an impending crisis often lie all around us, yet we still don’t see them (Michael D. & Max H., 1995). These include failure of Hazelwood to provide adequate instructions to third mate for the navigation of Exxon Valdez, third mate Cousins’ failure to steer the ship in right direction, company’s failure to supervise such a huge ship operation and provide sufficient crew to Hazelwood, the US Coast Guards were also unable to supply an effective vessel monitoring system and finally the overall deficiency of effective pilot and escort services.

In the crisis like this there is a question of leader ship capability always arises,  top management has to show that whether leaders have recognized the threats, set priorities to counteract them, and mobilize the resources effectively (Michael D. & Max H., 1995). In this scenario,  Exxon led the cleanup effort and spent some $1.9 billion dollars with 11,000 workers in the summer months. Research suggested that in these crises situations, after collecting all necessary details and views from technical experts and journalists, Exxon should establish crises cell to monitor rehabilitation and proactive measures for any future crises ( Ian & Murat, 2005) .

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