Sample Essay

It is argued that much of the issue of global warming is a man made propaganda (Johnson 30). Thus, political elites have been able to recruit media, academics, environmental enthusiasts and United Nations to think and warn the world the way they want to put their message across. Much of the proof that the world had been enlightened with is turning out to be a scientific hoax as acknowledged by many.

The Layman’s Guide (35) describes the issue of global warming as an attack on individual freedom throughout the world. Similarly, Professor Shaviv, in the documentary ‘The Global Swindle’ emphasizes on unchanged measurements which reveal that no such thing is taking place tremendously and it’s just a way of controlling the minds of people and thus generating like minds through a process of thought projection.

There have been emerging concerns regarding carbon emissions since the early 1970’s as various cautious scientists had started taking note of the future consequences of such an issue. The raised temperatures of today, species extinction and potential food chain halt all lead up to accumulated fear of global warming.

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