Sample Essay

When is capital punishment a suitable way to punish the guilty?  A fact is that this punishment is not awarded for murders only and history provides a confirmation.  All the crimes for which this punishment is awarded are called capital crimes. The judge awards this punishment after closely examining the conditions when the crime was committed.  It was given for the first time in the year 1607.  The name of the criminal was Captain George Kendall.  He was responsible for spying and was caught. As a result of this crime, the forces were permitted to open fire on him.  Various similar crimes have been committed in the years to follow.

A very few females have also committed capital crimes and have been punished accordingly. Among the first ones was Marry Surat. She was a key role player who planned the murder of Abraham Lincoln. The severity of this act was very high so she was given a capital punishment. As it is mentioned above, everyone does not support this kind of punishment as it seems immoral at times. Capital punishments are awarded in multiple geographical countries including Australia, United Kingdom, United States of America and Canada. The government has a strong intervention whenever this punishment is awarded to a guilty person. In addition to that, the judge has to consider all the possibilities of other options before this punishment is awarded.

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