Sample Essay

The new trend of working for less hectic hours has affected the Canadian business. But this change was needed by the Canadian citizens badly because they ere unable to live a work-balanced life with their families.

Apart from that, the elder aged employees have also decided to come up with the decision to avail their quality time and to work less. The government has appreciated this concern by the citizens and employer firms have come up with several compensating allowances which could support the employees’ idea of living well balanced work-lives.

With the policy of retirement by the Baby Boomers, and the move of the young workers to work less hours for well-balanced work-lives, has created complications for the employer firms, many business oriented companies would not be able to get indulge with work often as compared to the past working schedules of employees. Many of the Baby Boomers have blazed out and indispensably retired on work.

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