Sample Essay

The House of Fraser has invested in repeat business with its customers while encouraging loyalty and increasing the brand awareness of the company in the target market. The company launched a branded credit card for the House of Fraser retail establishment in 2007. “The programme, which previously incorporated only a House of Fraser store card, now allows customers to collect redeemable points when they use their branded credit card. The card can also be used in other stores, but more points are awarded for House of Fraser purchases. Recognition Rewards is being backed by a campaign through Stephens Francis Whitson. Using the strap line ‘Recognition. You deserve it’, the work involves online and offline customer communications and advertising.” (‘House of Fraser rejigs rewards’, 2007) Aside form this during the Christmas season the House of Fraser also offered exclusive discounts to its credit card holders on specialized Christmas themed products in store and through its online shopping portal.

The sales volume and the performance of House of Fraser during the Christmas season in 2008 have also been significantly low. This has been retrospective of the performance of the company in 1998 when the economy was facing a bruised economy due to the fall created by the dotcoms. “Sales volumes at House of Fraser rose by less than 5% in the critical Christmas/New Year period, and by only 2.3% at Sears.HoF’s shares reversed sharply, giving up all recent gains for a 26p loss on the fortnight.Argos’ announcement of the 31 new stores made little impression upon analysts who were focused upon the miserable 1.5% increase in Christmas sales. The shares lost 55p, plunging to a new low of 450p and a loss of 33% since September” (Friars, 1998).

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