Sample Essay

(Gutierrez, 2003) Internal capabilities and set of skills has always been critical for the businesses, this idea is not new at all. What makes it easy is the proper planning and strategic opportunity use which helps the organization in extending the internal capabilities and mixing it with the external factors of capabilities and skills set; and then present it to the customers with full confidence with the help of the employees and teamwork.

Therefore, it is the duty of the good management of the company to take care of all the challenges calmly and develop the practical evaluation to the company’s sustainability with its strategies. Core competence and sustainability of business is of great importance for every business when it comes to global corporate environment because they cover the critical skills and knowledge required for the proper cycle of business procedure in order to look after the regulations and processes practiced in the corporate business. They are basically the backbone of every business through which the ultimate culture, rules, beliefs, values, practices and methods are evaluated of the business. All these factors mutually represent the overall performance of the company which provides the sustainability and stability to the business run by the organization Anjana (2002).

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