Sample Essay

(Franke, 2002) Government has paid extra attention and focus to the people and is trying to teach them the new ways to live professionally by adopting the professional modernized ways of life. With so much of hard work, Africa is developing with the help of its people and the organizations which are setting their infrastructure in Africa.

Most of the large part of the industrial and business sector inAfricais consumed and dominated by large diversified groups of companies. With this stream of work,Africahas seen rapid growth of enhancement in the companies. But these companies who are already set up or settling their set-ups inAfricahave to be core competence with sustainable ratio of growth and performance. Nonetheless,Africahas seen tremendous growth in the automotive and turbine sectors. It has invited all sort of designers, students and professionals to come and join the campaign in order to promote the African heritage and African business commodity overall globally. All of these businesses oriented organizations are not only stabilizing the sustainable economic growth graph value of Africa, but are also helping the continent to reduce the ratio of poverty and poor from the continent. This trend of developing sustainable business and core competence in the businesses of several companies inAfricais not only encouraged on global basis but is promoted by the United Nations as well (Franke, 2002).

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