Sample Essay

According to Damian (2005), the government of China is very enthusiastic in organizing the whole event that could be written in the history in golden words. Till now, the government has invested more than $12 billion dollars of amount on all the arrangements and still working on it day and night.

China will have to follow the entire Brundtland report and settle things. Up till now, Chinese government is trying their level best to come up to the mark of Brundtland report. According to David, Michael, Urmila (2007), Brundtland can also be known as Our Common Future and refer to the sustain economic development of the country by making the maximum use of the natural resources and without causing harm to the natural possessions and human health.

Tom (1989) argues that, planet Earth is full of natural and beautiful sites worth visiting and some of them are absolutely stunning, however, in spite this fact not every place is worth visiting. This is because not every country has gone through the cycle of better and sustainable hospitality for the tourists coming to visit their homeland. According to Timothy (2007), attracting foreigners needs a sustainable industry of tourism and sustainable hospitality management. Through this industry, the locals generate income and enhance the monetary value of the country that results in better reputation of the country around the world (Timothy, 2007).

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