Sample Essay

The company is making efforts to cover the gaps through a structure and cultural change in order to bring a revolutionary change in the organization which is much needed. But employee safety is important and the boss must be aware and concerned with the employee safety.

They company must try to put into practice its objectives and values through technological processes that will help make effective strategies to cater to the changes and meet all objectives. The company must also try to avoid all the mistakes done in the past in order to improve its reputation and improve goodwill in the market (Tony’s structural changes, 2009). In the mid 2006, BP had to suffer a great loss ad also there were a series of mishaps which gave a bad name to their image. For instance, at Prudhoe Bay Field inAlaskawas led to oil leakage. And also in the September of 2006, there was a gas oil leakage in the port of Long Beach,California. It definitely gave a bad image and analysts were thinking to re-vamp the overall image for BP.

BP made Herculean efforts to improve their image by implementing new strategies and efforts to improve their image. The efforts which are very critical for BP to make up for its blunders to improve its public image in the market. They came up with re-branding strategies in order to improve their image especially after the blast inTexasrefinery that killed almost 15 workers and was stated to be the worst industrial accident in the past 15 years.

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