Sample Essay

Britainhas a great sporting tradition and with winning the bid to host the 2012 Olympics means sports has become more and more important. The government has become more and more involved in influencing the growth of opportunity of sports specially forBritain’s youth. We will try to examine major plans or policies through which the government has tried to effect sports directly and through the sports bodies. The Department of Culture, Media and Sport is the government body responsible for sports established in 1997.

The UK Sport Trust was developed by the Royal Charter and is accountable to the Department of Culture, Media and Sport. The mission of this body is to work with home country sports councils and other bodies to make achieve world class success in sports inUK. This body established in 1996 again shows the government seriousness in influencing sports to its highest level and has had a positive impact on sports. UK Sport works along with Sport England and Youth Sport Trust to encourage and provide opportunities to talented young athletes. ‘It also works  with providers of athlete support services, such as  sports science and medicine, to make sure that  talented athletes receive the very best support’

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