Sample Essay

Brand Management is specialized function of the marketing department that deals with the development and the implementation of the marketing strategies that are based on either the product or a particular brand. The brand is also largely dependent on the image that a product or the company may have as well as the value that is perceived by the customers/ the target market and attributed to the product. The concept of branding is often utilized to depict the premium quality and the high standards of products offered to the customers. “Although communication is necessary to create a brand, it is far from being sufficient. Certainly a brand encapsulates in its name and its visual symbol all the goodwill created by the positive experiences of clients or prospects with the organization, its products, its channels, its stores, its communication, and its people. However, this means that its is necessary to manage these points of contact (from product or server to channel management, to advertising, to internet site, to word of mouth, the organization’s ethics and so on) in an integrated and focuses way” (Kapferer, 2004, p2)

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