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Despite being a totally private label (Kumar, 2007), H&M employs a mix of own labels and sub-brands to create some feeling of brand choice. For example, within H&M women’s wear are different sub-brands like Hennes (women age twenty five to thirty five), L.O.G.G. (casual sportswear), Impuls (young women’s trends), BiB (plus-size line), Woman (classic), Clothes (current trends), MAMA (maternity), and Rocky (young fashion). Similarly, there are also different sub-brands within the men’s and children’s lines.H&M is an entirely different type of value innovator private label. Since H&M is in the apparels industry and targets youth, it cannot split itself from the imagery and sensation in its branding. Therefore, H&M devotes 5% of its revenues to advertising. Its high-profile ad campaigns featured celebrities, such as Pamela Anderson, Claudia Schiffer, Johnny Depp, Naomi Campbell, Jerry Hall and Madonna wearing its low cost clothes. Initially its advertising campaign was a shock to the industry because it used celebrities previously seen wearing only haute couture but suddenly appearing in H&M ads.

A great deal of H&M’s success can be attributed to the ability of its in-house designers, paradigms of piggy-backer style, to quickly recognize trends and act, churning out designs that look very much like what other more cavalier, more chic – more expensive – designers are releasing.

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