Sample Essay

Any organization, old or new, cannot plan to accomplish its objectives in the absence of a positively enforced brand image that helps the organization maintain its competitive edge, to increase the scope of its operations, to boost sales, to strengthen its workforce and developing the organization’s overall reputation as a responsible, customer-oriented entity.

It is this brand image that helps the organization in retaining customers and in protecting its sales amidst attacks and to bounce back – idea termed as the halo effect. This brand image acts as a persuading / dissuading force for customers to make economic decisions, whether to make a purchase or not (Brand Image and Walt Disney: A Qualitative Analysis of “Magical Gatherings”, 2004). (Images and strategic corporate and marketing planning, 1993) goes on to mention the interdependence between brand and corporate image: “Brands are an important device for legitimating the company toward stakeholders” (p. 89). And vice versa, “The corporate image will rub off on the brand image” (p. 89). Thus, a good brand image will popularize not only a specific product but also the company that provides it. It is not surprising, then, that organizations may invest large amounts of time, money, and personnel into developing and maintaining a positive image of their products and the company as a whole.

By definition, brand image is “the totality of consumers’ perceptions about the brand, or how they see it, which may not coincide with the brand identity”.

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