Sample Essay

Impoverished Leadership: This style refers to low safety performance as well as low safety initiation. This leadership manner refers to the General Worker who has no interest or intends to go along with high safety initiation or high safety performance in the construction working environment. In the construction site, this style relates to those managers who have low concerns for the work productivity and low concerns for the people. Working as a manager on the construction site is very responsible job and the manager avoid both the areas just to avoid himself from any kind of troubles which could be caused onsite.

  • Middle-of-the-Road Leadership: This technique posses medium level of safety initiation and medium safety performance as well. In the first go, this medium approach seems ideal and perfect to the workers and leaders. But later on, there are some problems which are faced by the management and workers simultaneously. Workers usually get along with medium level of performance while adopting this level of style. Managers who make use of this style on the construction site try to keep a balance between the productivity and the comfort level of the workers.
  • Team Leadership: This style involves high level of safety performance and high safety initiation. This style is basically for the managerial level and could be applied to the Safety Culture Leadership as well. This technique is the right place for the Site Agent who thinks that both the safety initiation and safety performance are of great importance and thus, he implies them both in parallel in the working environment. In the construction companies, managers use this approach to make the other workers realize that they are important for the company and the company cares for them as well.

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