Sample Essay

We have critically reviewed the Black Mouton Managerial Grid with respect to the construction industry in Hong Kong; and the approaches and techniques of safety culture leadership grid inHong Kongconstruction industry are listed as under:

  • Produce or Perish Leadership: This technique ensures high safety performance and low safety initiation for the workers onsite. It refers to the Foreman who thinks that the workers of the company are some means to work in a safe and secure manner, while the safety initiation reflects that employees would take care of themselves. This kind of leader is rigid with his rules and does whatever is required while adopting strict policies, rules and regulations.

  • Country Club Safety Leadership: This technique involves high initiation and low safety performance onsite. This technique refers to that Technician who plays great impact of focus on the safety needs where his personal interest is involved, for instance, applying safety levels for electrician. In this way, the other areas of site might affect because of lack of interest from the leader. Apart from that, the manager on construction site provide comfort level for the workers by applying policies for their ease in the hope that it would result back with productivity, but most of the time it results in more friendly environment and less productive environment.

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