Sample Essay

( Bioenergy is known to be one of most exciting and amusing development taken place around the globe and it has caught the attention of different nations and governments simultaneously because of its unique factor through which it could minimize the pollution and use of fossil fuels and add safety to the global environmental aspects.

There are uncountable and numerous value-added environmental and economic advantages stick to the Bioenergy. It is useful in so many ways; the increase in Bioenergy would reduce the soil acidity, soil salinity, alleviation of soil erosion, and so many other benefits foreseen by the researchers, politicians, governing bodies, and organizations heads. It has the capability to encourage not only the suppliers but also end users at the same time.

            Nowadays, the environmental aspects and climatic conditions have changed and still are continuing to change with rapid speed. This has laid impact on the global economy of almost every country. This includes the utilization and growth of oil energy as well. The prices and quantity of oil energy which is used in the industrial sector, domestic use, commercial use, official business, energy sector, restaurants, and so many other sectors involved; have changed with the time to vast extends. The global need for oil energy has affected the condition and growth of oil sector and oil energy. From few years, it has been foreseen by the scientists and researchers that the quantity of oil might face lack and shortage because of its grand usage around the globe. Apart from that, the oil prizes have reached to high peak and have seen inflation to high extends.

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