Sample Essay

High prizes of oil and growing needs for the oil energy has changed the concerns of the people and governments; and has driven the investment through innovation in the sector of bio-fuels.

This has led the people to think about choosing other energy resource which could replace the oil energy very easily in the future; through which the users and suppliers both could get the benefit of less prizes and more quantity and which could also help in minimizing the environmental pollution in the air, and could improve the quality of soil, land resources, water and air at the same time with its effects.

            The correct answer which has clicked the minds and thought of the investors, governments and people is the bio-fuels which are driven from biomass and are utilized to serve the mankind while protecting the environmental base as well. Bio-fuels are carried out from biomass, plants and metabolic byproducts which are opposite to the fossil fuels which include natural gas, coal, petroleum, oil energy and others in which petroleum or oil energy is the most used natural resource around the globe. Bio-fuels are said to be environment safe fuels and emit far less amount of toxic gases like carbon dioxide while burning as compared to the fossil fuels or oil energy (

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