Sample Essay

 ( The world has seen grand and huge boost in the information sector of Bioenergy and all the mankind is highly grateful for this invention of humanity. But there is a certain problem that for the production of Bioenergy; foods, crops, food reserves and wastes and crop wastes are already being used in different forms. Especially food and crops, which is the main consumption source for every human in the world.

Thus, extra production and cultivation of crops and food is required so that Biomass could be produced and create source of energy and electricity for everyone. By doing so, the protection and criticism on Bioenergy would be drawn down in huge numbers and graphs. It is the basic need of Bioenergy that it needs to consume food and crops, which is why the extra amount of crops and food cultivation has been allotted by several governing bodies and organizations just to serve for the purpose of Bioenergy.

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