Sample Essay

( The main concern of the government of Tunisia is to promote Bioenergy just like other countries around the globe, but Tunisia is also fighting against hunger and poverty which are caused by Bioenergy; and also is against the high inflation ratio which has been brought forward to the individuals and people of the world because of the actor of mass production required for Bioenergy.

Apart from that, Tunisian government has also invested to make certain agricultural policies for the people and industries; so that is would not affect the industries work in producing Bioenergy through biomass, nor affect the people by deficiency of food and crops in its homeland. In this way,Tunisiahas not only gained the favor of the small farmers of its country, but also has gained the attention and favor of the international Bioenergy marketplace. This has helped the local and small farmers to gain access to the international feedstock market.

            The investment measures taken y the Tunisian government is highly appreciatable. It has invited several foreign and local investors to come and set their business in Tunisian homeland and promote Bioenergy; while on the other hand, the government of Tunisia has minimized the taxation of feedstock, crops, cultivation, production of biomass, fertilizers and foodstuffs so that nobody could face difficulty in living their life of choice (

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