Sample Essay

The term Bioenergy is driven from “Biomass Energy”. Biomass is basically the any organic matter which is present on renewable basis in living organisms. The field of Biomass is very vast and includes of many sources of energy which is inclusive of dedicated energy present in;

crops, agricultural food, plants and trees, manure, feedlot residues, forest and mill residues, feeding crops, residues, wood and wood wastes, vegetable oils, food processing wastes, aquatic plants, animal wastes, municipal solid wastes (MSW), agricultural residues or crop wastes and other sorts of waste materials also contain Biomass. The growing source of Biomass is driven from numerous kinds of plants and crops which includes; sugarcanes, corn, poplar, willow, hemp, miscanthus and switchgrass. With the help of biomass, electricity and heat can be produced in parallel and in addition, transportation fuel energy along with petrochemical materials could also be produced (Haines 9).

(Haines 9) Several Bioenergy technologies which includes of anaerobic digestion, direct combustion, cogeneration, and densification are under use of Bioenergy projects in many countries. Bioenergy could be as easy to understand as producing heat from burning wood; to be as complex as fabricating genetic bacteria to produce ethanol cellulose

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