Sample Essay

Member organizations will enjoy a number of benefits; range from the technical information to the financial impact of bringing this new technology to marketplace accessibility. Specifically the benefits have been summarized below.

  • Reduction in risk in using this database for offshore exploration.
  • Reduction of research and development costs.
  • Industry accord though teamwork of operators, service provider and suppliers.
  • Access to technology developers, researchers, government organizations, and NGO’s.
  • First hand knowledge of best technology to enhance oil production.
  • Detailed testing of procedures from leading oil exploration companies.

In addition to the benefits described, new joining corporations will be entitled to:

  • Share the data  to understand the evolutionary process that the JIP will be gone through
  •  Details of presentations made to the JIP by members, reporting the progress of the various phases of the project.
  • View the summary report assessing the operating environment and reservoirs.
  • Opportunityto utilize new technology for installation of equipments in new sites.
  • Industry consent through partnership of member companies.

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