Sample Essay

The behavior pattern which should be followed by a business with sustainability abilities are listed as under (, 2008):

  • Adapt sustainability as the core strategic objective
  • Ability to promote fair rules and regulation in order to ensure competitive advantage

  • Align the rules and regulations in such an order which could ensure safe environment and promote eco-efficiency
  • Adopt most advance but cleaner technology which could be beneficial for the business as well as for the environment
  • Localize their network sustainability
  • Increase the number of trainings and investment in order to promote motivation
  • Ensure the paying wages helps the employees to live with developed living standards
  • Make sure that proper use of human rights and non-discrimination is observed in the company
  • Involve employees in the important decision making or new policies for the company
  • Provide useful transparent information to all investors or stakeholders involved in the business and including them in the important events going on in the organization

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